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Take this opportunity to have a live, virtual discussion with recently published author/illustrator Alisha Wells. Discussion topics can range from what it takes to become a published author to the skills needed to be an active reader. Schedule your call now as times are available on a limited basis. For more information please email [email protected].


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Alisha is happy to meet with small groups* from grade school or home school class groups, to families, to scout and youth groups.**

The conference call itself can be done through a variety of platforms. Google Meet, Skype and Zoom being a few of those options.

The first step in this process is communication.

Once we decide how we will connect, then we will need to determine what you need the message to be focused on for your particular audience.

Perhaps you have an individual that needs a little encouragement in recognizing the enjoyment of being an active reader. Maybe you have a class developing their writing skills. The message may even need to be less about the literary and more about visually artistic ambitions.

Alisha is thrilled to discuss any of these topics, and can offer experienced insight to audiences of all ages.

Sending a collection of your questions to Mrs. Wells will help her tailor the conversation to your specific needs. You will receive instructions for how to send these questions prior to the visit date.

The video conference call length will be based on the active participation of the audience, but will range from 15 to 50 mins. Please let Alisha know prior to the call what limitations exist on your side of the conversation. Do you have another appointment after the call? Do you have a set amount of time that needs to be filled to accommodate a larger curriculum schedule? Just let her know so the experience can best suits your requirements.

Alisha does operate in the Eastern Time Zone, and generally is able to offer conference calls from 9:00 am – 4:00 pm. However, if you need a time that falls outside of this range, she can certainly accommodate the occasional early morning or evening session. It never hurts to ask.

For more information and scheduling details, please emailĀ [email protected].

*30ish people is generally the maximum audience size for effective communication with a video conference call. This presentation format would not be as enriching if done as an assembly unless it is conducted in a town hall fashion, with designated representatives asking the questions.

** When speaking with minors, Mrs. Wells insists that an adult is present with said minors at all times. As a mother of four children, Child Protection Policies are very important to Alisha, and agreement to these terms are non-negotiable. For more information please read the Heartfire Books Child Protection Policy.


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