Being Beautiful: A Discovery of Self-worth

Two hundred years ago,

Hans Christian Andersen brought us the tale of the ugly duckling. Now it’s time to hear the rest of the story‚Ķ

Author and Illustrator Alisha Wells shares with readers Swan’s journey as she sets out to discover her own self-worth.

Vivid water color illustrations explore a world rich with diversity, and a message of hope makes this story relatable to readers of all ages.

In addition to this heartwarming story, the second part of the book includes interesting real world facts about the birds that inspired the characters of the story.

You will be delighted as you discover fun details about the mute swan’s appetite or the special way father sun grebes protect their babies in the wild.

Whether you simply want to revisit an old classic, or you want to discover interesting facts about some fascinating birds that share our backyard, this is a book that is sure to become a household favorite.

Official Book Trailer