Here we have annotated some of the graphic elements that compose our website. For security purposes we have not included all components, but if you have specific questions you can certainly reach out and ask.

Website Theme

Reykjavik: We are using a customized version of Reykjavik for Word press.


We respect the intellectual rights and copyright claims of artists and composers. Therefore, when it is necessary to use media not of our own creation, we either purchase the ability to use those items from the creator, or we use open source and public domain platforms to acquire free pieces.

Any sound clips not purchased will generally be found on sites like the YouTube media library or wikimedia.

The images we source most often come from Pexels. We have appreciated the artistic style of photographers like cottonbro, Andrea Piacquadio, Gabby K, olia danilevich, C Technical and many other talented artist submitting their work on Pexels. We have utilized some of those items in our website development.

Be advised that we are merely giving credit for the work we have used from other artists or composers. We are not advocating any other art created by these individuals.