Being Beautiful: A Discovery of Self-worth

By Alisha Wells

Rediscover your love Hans Christian Anderson’s timeless tale of the ugly duckling as you read “Being Beautiful: A Discovery of Self-worth.” This is a must-read for everyone trying to decide their place in the world.

Out to Play

By Alisha Wells

Four little ducks went out to play, over the hills and far away.  What will they discover along the way, and what will bring them home at the end of day? Find out as you explore this cheerful rendition of a favorite childhood counting rhyme.

The Girl in the Purple Dress

By Alisha Wells

The long awaited moment when the dress would finally be her’s had finally come. The vibrant purple filled her with excitement as the fabric flitted against her in the soft, spring breeze. Seeing the world with a new brightness of hope, she felt happy.