The Girl in the Purple Dress

The long awaited moment…

when the dress would finally be her’s had finally come. The vibrant purple filled her with excitement as the fabric flitted against her in the soft, spring breeze. Seeing the world with a new brightness of hope, she felt happy.

Not everyone makes wise choices however, and not everyone is kind. Sometimes others are hurt by careless acts, and sometimes good people make bad decisions. The mark of a truly good character is what we do when we realize the excitement of the moment has blinded us to the consequences of our actions.

Join author and illustrator, Alisha Wells as she guides the reader through a modern retelling of O.Henry’s “The Purple Dress.” The message of this, her third children’s book, offers a powerful reminder that a person’s worth is not determined by the things that they own, but by the compassion that is shown.

“The Girl in the Purple Dress” is another opportunity Alisha to remind young and old alike that true beauty comes from within. This story, in its universal message that kindness will always be more satisfying than bullying, lends itself particularly well to an innovative new way of reading a children’s book.

Appealing to all ages, even beginning readers will be drawn into the magic of the moment. The beautifully expressive illustrations guide readers to give voice to the story, as they draw from their own unique experiences and perspectives to engage the book through his or her own storytelling.

There is no one right way to tell the story, because there is no one way the story has been lived. Each time you pick up the book will be a new adventure in self-discovery and introspection as you explore the the deep thoughts and emotions inspired by this timeless story.