Author Visit: Story Time (Free)


As a parent, Alisha has chosen to homeschool each of her children for their fifth grade.  She is keenly aware that homeschooling a child can be both rewarding as well as challenging.

Whether you are working in cooperation with a local school or you have struck out on your own in developing the education plan for your student,  here is an opportunity for you to give your home-based student an enriching experience with a published author in the comfort of your own home. For more information please email [email protected].


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Alisha is a big fan of the shared book reading experience, especially with public library story times. Many an hour were spent happily sharing the discovery of a new book with her family. That same experience continues to excite Mrs. Wells now as she is able to share in reading time with new friends in libraries across Michigan. Whether it’s giving voice to her own books, or participating as a guest reader of one of the many wonderful books already selected for your library’s story time program, Alisha is happy to participate in public library story times free of charge.* For more information about how to schedule a visit, please email [email protected]

*Note this is a separate offering from a Library Author visit, where Mrs. Wells shares her program for a small fee. This is intended to help enhance a Library’s existing story time program. If your library happens to be further than two hours from her home, a request may be made beforehand for gas reimbursement.


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