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Whether you are planning an event for your grade school, home school, or public library, Alisha has an enriching presentation for your audience.


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Alisha grew up with the mantra that you need to read to succeed.  As a result, she firmly believes the most powerful tool a person can possess is effective communication.

These passionate beliefs resound in every presentation Mrs. Wells gives to audiences of all sizes.

When you purchase this virtual presentation package, you will be receiving several elements to help instill these same life lessons into your students or community members.

This virtual author visit package includes:

  • Two personalized recordings specific for your audience*
  • Three pre-recorded videos with content encouraging literacy and supporting strong writing techniques
  • A digital download of classroom activities
  • A complimentary signed copy of Alisha’s book for your library

Empowering Active Readers

This virtual visit with author/illustrator Alisha Wells can serve a key aspect to your reading/writing/art curriculum. It can also just be a wonderful adventure to see a real-world application of in-class material.

If a virtual visit with Mrs. Wells is something you believe would be enriching your student’s learning experience, but you are navigating a modest budget or need a more concise presentation, please consider the Response Video option.

For more information please email [email protected]

Program Outline

Video One Description

The first of the two personalized recordings will be an introduction to the virtual visit series.  It is intended to be viewed at the beginning of your program scheduling. Each of the subsequent videos, however, can be shown in any order. Your audience will be addressed specifically by Mrs. Wells, and they will be encouraged to dig deep into the adventure of literacy.

Pre-Recorded Material

The pre-recorded videos are composed of topics that often arise during in-person author visits.

Pre-Recording One takes place in the kitchen of Mrs. Wells, as though one of her readers stopped by for a visit to ask questions about her story “Being Beautiful.”

Pre-Recording Two is a Q&A session where Alisha addresses some of the questions that are frequently asked during in-person presentations. This discussion is applicable to all ages, but focuses on how life experiences contribute to the writing style of authors throughout the ages.

Pre-Recording Three is geared more towards the needs of the tactile learner. Mrs. Wells has developed an enrichment video where she demonstrates the making of puppets (the pattern is part of the digital download), and encourages students to retell the story in their own way. She asks questions for them to find text-to-text and text-to-self connections, and reinforces the excitement of reading comprehension.

Active Participant Engagement

After you have become more familiar with the artistic work of Mrs. Wells, your students or members will be able to submit questions to her. You will receive instructions for how to send these questions to the author. The topics of these questions are up to you, but several possibilities include:

  • Details surrounding the writing and illustration of Alisha’s published works (i.e. inspirations behind the story, tools used for illustrating, the editorial process, or the research that takes place behind the writing of a story)
  • Reinforcement of strong active reading skills and literacy
  • Encouragement of clear and powerful writing techniques
  • Alisha’s future publications
  • Description of a writing career

Video Two

The second of the two personalized recordings would be best shown as a conclusion to the virtual author visit experience. It is here that Mrs. Wells will take these questions she has received and then, with studio grade equipment and software, record a personalized video response for you.

Alisha prefers to make the interaction as personal as possible while still observing child protection policies. She will often use the first name attached to the question, or refer to the student as a member of a teacher’s class. Prior to recording the video, she will coordinate with your event liaison to see what the best practices are for your needs.

Supplemental Material

The digital download includes an assortment of printable activities to reinforce reading comprehension and creative expression of the story’s themes. These materials can be used throughout the course of the virtual visit.

*While all of these videos are appropriate for any student, only you as the event liaison will know what video is most suitable for your students. You are encouraged to preview all content prior to showing or uploading any presentation material for your audience. 

Alisha has seen the disappointment that comes when a reliable internet connections is all that stands in the way of a full virtual visit, be it with family or professional engagements.  Since there is no way to ensure strong connectivity on both sides of the conversation, Alisha prefers to prerecord her responses with studio grade equipment and software.  If you really prefer a live virtual session, please explore the Conference Call offering.


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