Author Visit: (Video) Follow-up Response


Sometimes less is more, and this idea is the motivation in offering an option more concise than the larger school or library package.

Whether you need a smaller program to achieve your goal, or you are finessing a tighter budget to have the largest impact, this is the right Heartfire Books offering for you and your audience.

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A personalized message created for your audience remains a key element to any version of Alisha’s presentation.

This purchase includes one personalized recording in response to questions your students have sent to the author, a digital download of classroom activities, and a complimentary signed copy of Alisha’s book for your library.

The expectation is that prior to the virtual visit your school, class, family, or group will take the opportunity to read a copy of “Being Beautiful: A Discovery of Self-worth”, “Out to Play”, or view the animated author readings for either of these titles.

After you have become more familiar with the artistic work of Mrs. Wells, your students or members will be able to submit questions to her. You will receive instructions for how to send these questions prior to the visit date.

The topic of those questions are up to you, but several possibilities include:

  • Details surrounding the writing and illustration of Alisha’s published works (ie: inspirations behind the story, tools used for illustrating, the editorial process, or the research behind a story)
  • Reinforcement of strong active reading skills and literacy
  • Encouragement of clear and powerful writing techniques
  • Alisha’s future publications
  • Description of a writing career

Mrs. Wells will take these questions and then, with studio grade equipment and software, record a personalized video response for you. Alisha prefers to make the interaction as personal as possible while still observing child protection policies. She will often use the first name attached to the question, or refer to the student as a member of a teacher’s class. Prior to recording the video, she will coordinate with your event liaison to confirm the best practices for your particular needs.

One benefit to this style of author visit is that you can show this personalized video response at the time most convenient for your students, and as frequently as your school needs to show the video for no additional charge.

Allow your teachers to show the message in class, upload the video to your social media page, or use the response as part of a larger school assembly. The possibilities really make this opportunity an empowering experience for students and administrative staff alike.

If you find the virtual visit more enriching than originally anticipated, and you decide you would like to upgrade to the full school/ library package you can move forward in purchasing the upgrade and your original purchase price will be applied to the upgrade purchase.

For more information please email [email protected].


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