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As a parent, Alisha has chosen to homeschool each of her children for their fifth grade.  She is keenly aware that homeschooling a child can be both rewarding as well as challenging.

Whether you are working in cooperation with a local school or you have struck out on your own in developing the education plan for your student,  here is an opportunity for you to give your home-based student an enriching experience with a published author in the comfort of your own home. For more information please email [email protected].


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This offering is a little more flexible than some of the other offerings you’ll find in the Heartfire Books author visit programs, and can be customized with proper communication.

Many parents and guardians are finding themselves in the unexpected role of school teacher this academic year.

Mrs. Wells applauds the diligent efforts of both the long-term homeschool parents and the quick-thinking parents adjusting to a new academic environment. As such, Alisha has developed a new offering to her normal speaking engagements.

In this package, you will receive a personalized, pre-recorded* response to questions your students have sent to the author, a digital download of classroom activities, and a discount towards a purchase of one of Alisha’s books.

Whether a visit with author/illustrator Alisha Wells serves as a key aspect to your reading/writing/art curriculum, or it is simply a wonderful opportunity to see a real-world application of in-class material, a virtual visit with Mrs. Wells will enrich your student’s learning experience this academic year. For more information please email [email protected]

*Alisha has seen the disappointment that comes when a reliable internet connections is all that stands in the way of a full virtual visit, be it with family or professional engagements. Since there is no way to ensure strong connectivity on both sides of the conversation, Alisha prefers to pre-record her responses with studio grade equipment and software. If you really prefer a live virtual session, please explore the Conference Call offering.

The flat fee applies regardless to the size of the group. If a homeschool family joins another family for the video experience, the fee is the same. However, only one download and discount coupon will be given.


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