Author Visit: (In-person) School or Library


Whether you are planning an event for your grade school, home school, or public library, Alisha has an enriching presentation for your audience.


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Alisha grew up with the mantra that you need to read to succeed.  As a result, she firmly believes the most powerful tool a person can possess is effective communication.

These passionate beliefs resound in every presentation Mrs. Wells gives to audiences of all sizes.

When you purchase this presentation option, you will be receiving several elements to help instill these same life lessons into your students or community members.

This in-person author visit package includes:

  • A press kit to aid in the advertising of your event
  • A personal visit with a presentation geared specifically for your audience
  • A digital download of classroom activities
  • A complimentary signed copy of Alisha’s book for your library

Optional Free Add-ons

  • One free family evening program scheduled during your event
  • A drawing promoting “Kindness Awareness” preceding the author visit (please reach out for more information)

Pricing Levels

  • Evening Family Event (approximately 1 hour): $200

The presentation fee reduces to $100 per event if the author is also able to offer her books for sale at the end of the evening, and preorder forms have been sent home with students one week prior to the author visit.

  • School Presentation: $250 – $400

A school day program can take many forms from a visit to individual classrooms, to grade-based presentations in a larger gathering space, or full assembly style programing. The option needed by the school would be determined together with the school staff and the author. Generally speaking, a half day is $250, and a full day (with a break for lunch) is $400. The author reserves the right to adjust the final presentation fee total when the specific needs of the school are known and will submit a proposed invoice for final approval by the school administration. The fee will never be greater than $400, but under the right circumstances could be less than $250.

When schedules permit, a free 1 hour evening family event may be included during the week of the school day event. This will be communicated at the time the school presentation is being coordinated with school administration.

Empowering Active Readers

Whether in-person or online, this visit with author/illustrator Alisha Wells can serve a key aspect to your reading/writing/art curriculum. It can also just be a wonderful adventure to see a real-world application of in-class material.

If a visit with Mrs. Wells is something you believe would be enriching your student’s learning experience, but you are navigating a modest budget or need a more concise presentation, please consider the Response Video option.

For more information please email [email protected]

Program Outline

Classroom presentation

Alisha has developed a classroom presentation that can be easily adapted to the appropriate learning level of the audience by incorporating state standard topics in her discussion. Subjects Alisha enjoys speaking on include the love of reading, the process of writing and essential editing, methods of illustration, the value of kindness and inclusivity, the power of effective communication. If there is a particular topic you would especially like to have your audience hear, please reach out prior to the visit to ensure the proper adaptations are made to the program.

Frequently Asked Questions

The approach Mrs. Wells takes during FAQ sessions is that the only foolish question is the one that goes unasked. It takes courage to share a person’s thoughts and curiosity, and it is Mrs. Wells’s earnest intent to treat each question asked as sincere and meaningful. Certainly the answers will take into account the delicate balance of inquisition and time allotment. When scheduling her rotations at your venue, please budget sufficient time for the presentation, a FAQ, AND the transition from classroom to classroom.

Active Participant Engagement

The more familiar your audience is with the artistic work of Mrs. Wells, the more enriching the experience will be for your students or members. Consider having individuals prepare questions they would like to have answered during the FAQ portion of the presentation. The topics of these questions are up to you, but several possibilities include:

  • Details surrounding the writing and illustration of Alisha’s published works (i.e. inspirations behind the story, tools used for illustrating, the editorial process, or the research that takes place behind the writing of a story)
  • Reinforcement of strong active reading skills and literacy
  • Encouragement of clear and powerful writing techniques
  • Alisha’s future publications
  • Description of a writing career

Supplemental Material

The digital download includes an assortment of printable activities to reinforce reading comprehension and creative expression of the story’s themes. These materials can be used throughout the course of the virtual visit.



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